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As an understudy for an indisposed Lotte Lehmann, the 23-year-old dramatic soprano Astrid Varnay debuted in the role in 1941.

Other sopranos famous for the role include Margaret Harshaw and Deborah Voigt.

If you weren’t at the Meyerson Symphony Center Friday night, you missed what may have been the most electrifying performance I’ve witnessed in Dallas in 16 years…Michelle De Young’s well-appointed mezzo could project wariness, determination and glorious, full-throated ecstasy.…Michelle De Young made a spectacular impact as Kundry.

Strong across her range, her sinuous phrasing, strong dynamic control and appealing tone colors conveyed Kundry’s dual role as siren and penitent.

For a century he's made the world uncertain, and now he is on the loose again. From the moment the old man crawls out of the window until the very end of the movie, it is a stitch.

It is fast paced and all the characters are well drawn and fleshed out, even characters that only appear near the end of the movie.

This standard notation helps to avoid confusion in international communication caused by the many different national notations and increases the portability of computer user interfaces.She effortlessly sang the role, with a rich voice of remarkable size.She also conveyed all the drama, in this unstaged version, purely with vocal coloration.Yet mezzo Christa Ludwig was equally successful in the role.We can add De Young to the list of great mezzo Sieglindes.We saw the movie at the Chicago Film Festival and it was one of the few times I have attended a film festival when the entire audience stood up and clapped at the end of the movie.

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