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On This Show: See Jimmy Fallon’s reaction to Ton Dou’s music, Conan visits a German nude beach, enjoy a fun video of a shy nudist plus an Ikea commercial featuring nudists! Top Stories: The date for the 2017 Portland WNBR has been announced, Golden Bay in New Zealand hosted the WNBR again this year, new fitness trend of naked exercise is sweeping the UK, nude camping comes to historic Tutbury Castle during Jamboree in September, Halle Berry makes her own splash by skinny dipping immediately following the Oscars, nude olympics forced to relocate from Queensland to New South Wales due to police prudishness, after surveying over 800 people scientists report naturists are happier than others and more!On This Show: In addition to the news,we visit Arroyo Del Sol, part of the Clothing Optional Home Network.It looked like about a 60-40 ratio of men to women.She wanted to cover herself, but forced herself to keep cool and remember what led her to the decision.One of the most realistic and well-acted “I’ll Pay You to Get Naked” videos, featuring a no-nonsense young business lady who is absolutely confident that she would never take part in such a thing as a nude photo shoot…

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His secretary Kate was amazing and always happy to take our calls!!But as it turns out, it’s all a question of how much, exactly, is She abruptly felt very self-conscious.She had no idea the audience would be this large on her first shoot.Send us your tapes, DVD or brochure, photo, in any format and we will do a story about it. Last week's World Naked Bike Ride from Portland, OR with over 10,000 people.Top Stories: Nudist couple climb El Capitan in Yosemite, California, UK full nudity in commercials, Hundreds get naked in Times Square to promote body positivity and acceptance. More legal top-free beaches in the US, nudist boom in Spain, World Naked Bike Ride growing fast 12 years later and more.We will gladly send experienced CFI spokespersons to most any meeting, radio show, TV show for discussions. Webcast of live nudecasters reporting the latest nudist news from our studio at CFI Headquarters and from all over the world.

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