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There is now a trend among eligible Thai singles towards using Thai internet dating sites to seek local Thai partners as more educated and younger Thai singles embrace internet dating as a spin off from social networking.

However, the same research indicated that Thai women seeking international relationships were more likely to be successful over a fixed period.

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While it has about an eighth the user base of POF, clocking in at around 8 million, OKCupid is generally a lot of fun as it matchmakes using user-generated questions and quizzes, allowing users to determine how compatible their match might be with them. OKC has a Tindr like feature that allows one to rapidly rate other users, and if you and someone else rate each other highly, then OKC will let you know.

69% of Thai women, who reported a successful outcome to their Thai internet dating site experience, were Thai women seeking an international relationship. 17% of Thai women using internet dating sites sought life partners in Canada.

Relationships developed on Thai internet dating sites between dating site members from Canada and Thai women are more likely to be based on a 21st century footing: 'For example Thai women who marry men from Canada are more likely to be educated, they are regarded in Canada as exceptionally competent and hardworking.

A nice place for millionaires to meet, mingle, and date.

You can register for free, have a browse around, put up pictures and check out the other singles. Whether or not you're a Millionaire or simply interested in meeting other eligible and successful people.

Many singles from Canada use Thai internet dating sites seeking short-term dates, friendships as well as long-term relationships.

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