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They fuck each other while a playlist containing songs like and John Mayer floods the room.You watch the couple and the life in their eyes is nonexistent; this is work, not play.When it comes to the British stereotype at this rarefied end of the matchmaking game – Berkeley membership costs a minimum €10,000 [,527] a year – the much-maligned (uptight, unromantic) British male is regarded as a good catch, she continues, possibly remembering she is talking to one."There is this idea that they are very gentlemanly, they have that British humor, they are tall and classically handsome." Speaking in the breakfast room of an upmarket hotel on the Rue de Rivoli, in the elegant heart of Paris, the 30-something Belgian is chic and relaxed as she discusses sorting out love matches for the super-rich. Verbeeck was chief executive of her family's €100 million steel trading business in Antwerp, where she lives. That's the same as I do now." The dating business involves moving quickly on to the next potential couple once you have successfully paired two clients to keep the business going. Verbeeck made the move after Prodac, the steel business founded by her father, was sold to private equity.

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And then the curtains open and a man and a woman are on stage and they are naked.

has been deployed at the Université Libre de Bruxelles since 2016, where it brings together researchers from the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Religions and Secularism (CIERL), from STRIGES (Interdisciplinary Research Structure on Gender, Equality And Sexuality), the criminological Research Center of the Faculty of Law and Criminology, Gender and Sex Workshop (AGS) and METICES (Migration, Spaces, Work, Institutions, Citizenship, Epistemology, Health).

It is an interdisciplinary project questioning the phenomenon of de-pillarization that has been going through Belgian society for several decades.

Like everyone else, high-flying international business people are looking for love.

But it seems their demands, when it comes to dating, can be surprisingly stereotyped. They think they will be very demanding and high-maintenance and give them a hard time. They obviously have some feeling that French men are not very loyal." So says Inga Verbeeck, head of European operations at Berkeley International, a dating agency for the very wealthy that is expanding across the continent to meet rising demand from well-heeled lonely hearts.

It also has a small presence in the US that it aims to expand.

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