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In talking with Sarah Gooding, the resident Dating Coach at Plenty Of Fish, she and I agreed that one should create and live by a few key dating deal-breakers.

Most singles have established certain rules when it comes to dating, but they dont know that they may have too many unnecessary deal-breakers that are preventing them from finding a great relationship. Income can change; employment status can change; ambition probably cant. Sit down and really think about whats important to you. Stick to your guns on those things, but beyond that, explore.

Well, I have been keeping a gratitude journal since the beginning of last year.

I was inspired to do something different that would help me appreciate the little things in life more and it has so far proved quite beneficial!

I have been living and working in China for the past one and a half years. Then comes the ultimate question: which country are you from? Now as soon as I answer this many women stop chatting me. whether most indians and non-whites get bad experience or is it just me? Whereas a mention of my country of origin immediately turns many women off.

I have been active on Tinder, Tan Tan (Chinese Tinder) and Ok Cupid for the last few months. Some continue further chats but every time we arrange to meet for coffee or movie or something like that they agree at first but almost always cancel it in the end. For first 15 min I had a smile on my face, I saw people pass by. Saw the nearby boy leaving with her date and telling her in Chinese that she is late (I saw him directing toward his watch).

So I waited for her 1 hour and she didn’t even reply to my messages.All you need is a simple notebook, a pen and just 15 minutes of your time every day before bed!It is not at all time-consuming and really easy to do.Of course it is a polite signal of saying NO (typical CHINESE style where they avoid any confrontation). But this ended when she had to move to new city for new job. Most Chinese women I spoke to ghosted one me but my worst experienxe happened today. Tragic Friday I received a message at am in morning from a girl whom I have chatted few times on OKC (I have 79% match with her). Some people see as a necessary part of a relationship.

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