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In “I felt that, in a permissive society, if one could view a naked female and not suffer any kind of inhibition, then one should be able to look at a male body in exactly the same way.I knew there might be repercussions but this was a one-shot opportunity for me.It wasn’t intended to have any particular sexuality about it, just a statement of where the band are in the most open and ‘naked’ way possible.” But whatever the band’s intention, some music retailers in North American and other territories threatened to not sell the album because of the full-frontal nudity.Island Records reacted quickly, reprinting the CD and cassette artwork with either a black X or a green shamrock covering Adam’s nudity.featured not one, but a collage of 16 colorful images — each of which, Bono said at the time, was strong enough to be an album cover in its own right. U2’s longtime design guru Steve Averill, answered that question in the book cover as “breathtaking” and says it’s “my favorite U2 album sleeve.” But it wasn’t the main album cover that caused controversy.The back cover of the CD booklet (and also the back of the vinyl album) featured another grid of 16 photos, one of which was a nude photo of Adam Clayton.

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You will never see this big of a collection of perfectly beautiful dames anywhere on the World Wide Web!Hardcore porn stars and softcore actresses deliver awesome performances for your very own pleasure.All women are beautiful in their own way, but these stunners have certain qualities that make them more than appealing.However if any audience member feels the need to participate in the spirit of exhibitionism the stakes at the Party will unblinkingly be called and raised.What started as a 2 year span recording project in his bedroom, Nelson Antonio Espinal finds himself looking at the world through a Stuyedeyed point of view. While everyone is talking the same shit, drinking the same drink, and wearing the same thing, no one is advocating for anything other than a good time.Coming out of Bed-Stuy, the Brooklyn neighborhood where Nelson spent a majority of his youth, he and the band realized the idea of the “scene” they were a part of and it’s ringleaders didn’t represent what they were feeling and what they stood for. And that shit doesn’t sit well with 4 punks trying to speak to something real. A Stuyedeyed point of view is simple: you’re looking up from the bottom.

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