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As long as there's good food, and of course company, this is enough.Photo by Paolo Abad/Rappler MANILA, Philippines – There are always reasons for couples to celebrate milestones, but they can also appreciate even the small, tender moments.

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As you might expect much of our china is printed in blue, but we do have these other colours.

We asked a few couples to share their favorite spots in the metro for dates – or even just eating out on a whim.

Take these as just a few suggestions: Ceej Tantengco, NCAA courtside reporter & Job de Leon, law student, University of the Philippines Hole in the Wall Website | Facebook | Instagram Photo courtesy of Ceej Tantengco “We stick to old favorites for most of our dates,” says Ceej, who likes to mix-and-match meals at Hole in the Wall at Century City Mall, Makati.

Join the group: To share Japanese cultures, language, food, music and experience. SUNDAY SPECIAL - Any 12" house pizza for .50 only ( tax & tip) Most people come alone and there always are many first timers so don't be afraid to show on your own. Learn more 28 Japan Lovers SEAWALL - DINNER & DRINKS Let's get together, have dinner/drinks and mingle with nice and friendly people right on the Seawall!

Most of all, just to have fun :-) PIZZA SUNDAY - We will meet in downtown Vancouver for yummy Neapolitan pizza, drinks and friendly conversation :-) Daiya vegan (non-dairy) cheese available at no extra cost.

If you go for the fight package, ‘bad guys’ will come up, say something rude, and you’ll be able to defend your date’s honour by defeating the bad guy in a fake punchup. It all sounds like a brilliant way to trick someone into thinking you’re cool, and will definitely work as long as your date/friend/potential boss doesn’t see the adverts for the service beforehand.

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