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Nearly a full year ago, Taiwan passed Food Act Amendments that achieve remarkable food safety milestones the U. government refuses to implement, placing Taiwan far ahead of the United States on food safety.

government and its regulators (FDA and USDA) actively conspire with the biotech industry to poison Americans with genetically modified foods, Taiwan has already passed and implemented a nationwide law to protect its citizens from GMOs.

Nurses are listed in most, if not all, mandatory reporting statutes.

They went undercover, shut down smuggling routes and worked with European police to intercept shipments worth millions of Euro.

Reports piled up from Japan Tobacco International (JTI) investigators around the globe.

Mobsters were doing business with the firm's Russian distributorship while shipping tons of illegal cigarettes into Europe. Accused smugglers and criminals ran some of its Middle East partnerships.

The FDA of the United States, by comparison, allows tens of thousands of chemicals to be used as additives, even when they are well known to cause cancer.3) All GMO ingredients are required to be registered with the Taiwan government, and food manufacturers that use GMOs are required to establish an origins tracking system to identify where those GMOs originated.4) All the soy milk, tofu, miso and other soy-derived products sold everywhere across the country -- including at cafes and street food vendors -- must be clearly labeled as GMOs if they use genetically modified soy.5) Food products made using genetically modified soy as a processing agent or blended ingredient must also label their final food products as GMO, even if the soybean oil is not, itself, the final product.6) Fines for violating these food safety provisions have been set at NT million.

This shows yet again just how far behind the United States is on food safety compared to the rest of the world. food safety looks like a third world nation being run by a cartel of imperialistic food corporations that dictate government policy.

Each school or district may also develop its own poster that suits the needs of the school or district as desired.

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