Why is dating hard dating dirict


Think about it, cavemen and cavewomen didn’t even think about their happiness.

They created a relationship in order to have babies and further our species.

Boy using phone/Pexels Van City is saturated with singles, and despite overwhelming availability it’s difficult to find a good match.

We start filtering people by distance, assuming that soul mates live within a 10 km radius of ourselves.

Thinking about how lucky you are that you don’t have to date anymore. I, as we’ve established, am quite the eternal single woman, so have dated since 1901 ’til today.

But that happens because people are disconnected from themselves and their egos are too in control and they’re stuck and afraid, and then you’ve got a mismatch of people trying to find each other. But rather than blame the process or the medium or the dates themselves (even though some TOTALLY deserved it) I decided to have a serious conversation with myself about what I wanted out of online dating. It took a good friend sitting me down and asking me point blank: what does your next relationship look like? It is so easy to scroll through profiles and swipe through pictures that many people also assume it should be easy to then find someone online, meet up IRL, and click. She has also become really good at fielding oddly personal questions from strangers who believe she is an actual scientist.

So again I think online is brilliant, an incredible way to meet each other if people showed up authentically and healthy and ready for a relationship.

The amount of single men and women is at an all time high so it should be easier to find love right? We’ll explain why the opposite is actually true later. There are a number of reasons dating is so frustrating and confusing right now. People have unlimited partner options due to technology and globalization (online dating, social media, etc.).

You have more choices and options in terms of potential partners which is a good thing and a bad thing.

Because the idea of expecting to be happy in a relationship is relatively new, we are often not good at it.

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