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An investigation can also help provide you with reassurance that your trust is well founded.

1 in 4 relationships now start with on-line contact using dating sites.

We can discreetly surveil the activities to obtain proof of cohabitation and further investigate to determine the length of time the parties have cohabitated.

Sometimes a spouse/ex-spouse may have other changes in circumstances that may be a basis for modifying support.

The results of our investigations have often been a basis for establishing custody, no contact or supervised visitation.

Reduction/elimination of spousal support usually requires proof of cohabitation with another person analogous to marriage.

Canadians spend billions of dollars a year looking for love via singles bars, chat lines, speed dating, personal ads and of course the Internet Dating Scene, which in recent years has become one of the hottest ways to meet that Mr. Every year we hear of an innocent internet date turning into a horrible crime scene. No, not in the least and here’s why: STING’s Internet Dating Security Division has only the best Private Investigators and covert Executive Protection Specialists, highly trained to offer you a warm, cozy blanket of protection throughout your entire date or for as long as you require us to be available.

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We have the equipment and capability to provide technical surveillance counter measures of your home, office/business facility, vehicles and vessels. CIIS utilizes discreet surveillance to monitor and document activities of another while a child is in their custodial care.

According to Online Dating Magazine, 17% of couples who have married in the past three years met through an online dating service.

In addition, one out of every five singles in the United States has dated someone they met online.

Online dating scammers will create fake profiles, including false pictures, names, and information, which is usually catered to the type of victim they hope to attract.

They will then gain the trust of victims through loving words, heartfelt conversations, and even gifts in order to attempt theft of money or identity.

The majority of people lie in their online dating profiles.

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