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The problems will be shown here starting from "How to install" famous rpm commands and then going to more interesting ones. Problem 9: Upgrade all my installed packages with one Freshen command?

Follow a link or go to next page by clicking on the blue arrow below. Problem 10: Figure out the Kernel version(smp, bigmem) and base arch(i386, athlon)?

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Click OK Firgure3 Double click the VM in Hyper-V manger. Figure4 The intall process is much the same like to install on a physical server.

It is used on the internal net from trusted users who indeed have root access to the servers ;-) However, sudo is configured to run only /sbin/ipvsadm from www-data user, so I think that /bin/rm could not be executed.

Graeme Fowler graeme (at) graemef (dot) net ..all the relevant values are produced in , then why not just write something to process those values instead?

) malcolm (at) loadbalancer (dot) org Oct 12 2005 That's why PHP no longer has register globals defaulted!

And also why you lock down your admin ip address by source ip.

This HOWTO describes why you should use jigdo, a little bit about how it works and how you use it to get and update Debian ISOs.

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