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Thus, Thurman takes Viktor to the international lounge, gives him some food vouchers and tells the foreigner -- who barely speaks any English -- that he must stay there until the situation in Krakozhia is resolved.

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You want to be ordered around and told what to do, don't you?

Yet, when he loses his food vouchers to custodian Gupta (KUMAR PALLANA), he must figure out how to survive in this foreign environment.

As Frank tries everything in his power to get rid of Viktor -- short of physically escorting him out -- the stranded traveler soon befriends various airport workers as he sets up his home away from home.

Neither of them had had an open relationship before, though it was something that Leah had contemplated.

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There's Enrique Cruz (DIEGO LUNA) who agrees to feed Viktor in exchange for him getting personal information about customs official Dolores Torres (ZO SALDANA).

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