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He called a hotline for a battered womens program and asked about services for men, explaining that he was experiencing violence at the hands of a female.

The hotline worker said, “You should be in jail.” The officer restated that he needed help because his wife was violent. In a recent article in the San Diego Metro Weekly domestic violence was mentioned in the context of the California Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage, regarding gay divorce.

See also CTS22 Characteristics Of The National Violence Against Women Study That Might Explain The Low Assault Rate For Both Sexes And The Even Lower Rate For Assaults By Women See also Men Web Online Journal for more research on domestic violence against men April 2012 - Politics, Policy and Research March 2012 - Bias in research The methodological part of this chapter analyzes the discrepancy between the more than 100 "family conflict" studies of domestic physical assaults (those using the Conflict Tactic Scales and similar approaches), and what can be called "crime studies" (i. the National Crime Victimization Survey and studies using police call data).

These occur relatively rarely and tend to be assaults by men.

Domestic Violence expert John Hamel, LCSW recently addressed this, with abundant research citations, for a book chapter.

I will provide, with his permission, his annotations. First, derogatory stereotypes are bad in principle.

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