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The last great phase in the introduction of new culture evidence were the adventurous voyages southward...about A. These were the kumara..taro..uhi or yham..the hue or gourd....

Most esteemed was the kumara which once grew as far sought as Kaiapoi in the South Island.

of getting close to nature in a beautiful, relaxed living environment, far away from the hype of big caravan parks.

We reveal some hidden gems with spectacular scenery – locations so wonderful, you can feel the power of the ocean, touch the mountain ranges, catch the fish and experience the sunsets, right here on our pages.

Many freecamps with low fees now offer new toilets, sometimes showers, dump points, landscaped areas for flatter parking, picnic tables with shelters, BBQs or fireplaces.

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Bushwanker - a pretentious drongo who reckons he's above average when it comes to handling himself in the scrub. Technicolour lawn - the front yard after a rave party.Freshwater sediments from the lakes and rivers were deposited in the basin.The rocks formed by the compression of these sediments placed a seal above the hydrocarbons that had formed from the organic matter.The relatively impervious cap of the aquifers of the GAB resulted from the compaction of the marine deposits in this sea.The formation of the GAB took a total of about 150 million years.Many local communities now recognise the economic potential in welcoming RVers to their towns, and work hard to relieve us of our cash, by providing great services and attractions.

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