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The cellular phone made life easier,there is no doubt about that.From Vendor to CEO of multinational farm using cellular phones.Who don’t know anything about Facebook but liking and sharing is done by them considering it a moral imperative.The ratio between their shared posts and written posts is infinity (haha…possibly not but c’est la vie! His interests include Modern Physics, Literature, History.You can call them FB aficionados because they don’t let people forget some occasion easily and keep us constantly afresh about it.You can call them desi relatives of Mark Zingerburger.

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lahore,islamabad ,rawalpindi,paki stan Lahore Escorts Islamabad Escorts 03085627277 Dating With Rawalpindi Escorts 24/7 No.1 Lahore Escorts Lahore Escort 03085627277 No.1 Lahore Escorts Agency Best Vip Top...Parents have no objection, they want to remain in touch with their children due to unstable situation of the country any mishap can happen at any moment.So the question of having a self phone in a unsuitable time is out of the equation.Facebook has revolutionized the way that Expat Aid Workers establish field cred.Thanks to Facebook, bitching about cold showers, showing off how they dress like the locals, or expounding astute and obscure local cultural knowledge (that will later be taught to locals) are no longer relegated to exclusive cocktail parties or between-session coffee breaks at life-saving workshops: Expat Aid Workers can do all of things things with a few mouse clicks for their entire repertoire of friends to see.KARACHI: With many deep into withdrawal over the banning of social media network You Tube in Pakistan, they found a new anthem for their cries in the form of ‘Vital Saeen’ Ali Gul Pir along with rapper Adil Omar and music producer Talal Qureshi calling for an end to the block in their new music video.

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