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WATCH: ‘Jane The Virgin’s’ Andrea Navedo Previews S2 & Upcoming Britney Spears Cameo "Oh no, no… "Jane The Virgin" returns Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

[He'll be involved in] training in how to deal with photographers, training on how to say hi to a crowd, training for when he becomes an international supermodel, you know things like that," Jaime said. She's almost 4, but I can tell you I will never approve of anyone dating her ever, ever, so it's the case. Maybe if Michael gets closer to Jane, he will probably flip to Team Rafael because now that guy is far away from daughter.

"Jane the Virgin" is back on The CW, and despite the cliffhanger involving baby Mateo, the tiny tot won't be out of his mother's arms all season.

Jane's newborn was kidnapped in the Season 1 finale by Sin Rostro, but cast members confirmed to Access Hollywood at the Television Critics Association tour over the summer that Jane will get the baby back at some point as the episodes roll out.

After Xiomara told him that he has a daughter, he met Jane and slowly became a part of the Villanueva family.

While Rogelio sometimes finds it difficult to find his place with the tight knit Villanuevas, he has changed their dynamic for the better, inspiring Xo to move forward with her life and dreams, though he later realises that he cannot encapsulate all of their lost time in a few meets and Rogelio tries to accept that he and Jane will get to know each other at a natural pace, whilst still feeling the pain of losing all of those years with her.

Rogelio also starts a relationship with Xiomara Villanueva, at first almost taking the form of a rekindling of their teen relationship, filled with insecurities and hesitance to be direct and honest about their feelings.

After being tricked by his assistant Nicholas on The Passions of Santos, Rogelio is fired and decides to stay in Miami and work on his rival Esteban Santiago's sci-fi telenovela, Pasión Intergalactica, as Detective Juan Rodrigo Castillo, to invest himself in his relationship with Xiomara, the result of which is Liliana blasting any future for the couple and Xiomara kissing her ex in dispair.

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After her split with Rafael, getting back with Michael could be an option.

Daniela, has always been afraid to tell her best friend she has feelings for him, both their courage will be tested.

When Jim - a disenchanted yet highly popular college professor - learns of his father's death, he must track down his deadbeat brother Dave and deliver him to the funeral. See full summary » This comedy drama features two couples living in the same building, Lucas & Julia the catholics, Aaron & Nora the jewish and Lola the world traveler spanish. See full summary » A group of people dedicated to make the people dreams come true.

This crew is constantly showing support for one another on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Gina Rodriguez is particularly good at spreading the love.

When Xiomara breaks the news to Rogelio, he promptly breaks up with Xo and although he feels betrayed, Rogelio maintains a friendship with Xiomara.

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